Kevin Moriarty

The Voice People Listen To


Kevin Moriarty has always been a voice people listen to.  He has a BA from Dartmouth College, a JD magna cum laude from Vermont Law School and a masters degree in taxation from the New York University School of Law. Kevin had a very successful, 22-year career as a commercial, insurance regulatory and tax attorney at Vermont’s largest law firm. During that time, Kevin authored numerous articles and was a regular speaker at educational seminars.


Kevin is a language guy. He speaks fluent Spanish, can converse in French and Italian, and has also studied German, Hebrew and Arabic.


Kevin loves performing, and never misses an opportunity for public speaking. Since he started shaving regularly in his teens, people have been impressed with Kevin’s bass voice and vocal presence, and often would ask him, “Do you do commercials?”

Past Life . . .

By 2013 the siren call of the microphone had become irresistible, and Kevin left his law practice to begin a full-time career as a voice artist. 

Since then, Kevin has narrated numerous audiobooks, all available on  


    • University Press Audiobooks

    • Able Paint Glass and Flooring

    • PGA Tour

Voice Descriptors

    • Resonant, warm and soothing

    • Authoritative and trustworthy

    • Middle Age - Senior

    • Professional - Corporate Executive

    • Mysterious

    • Edgy and dark